Astrology is still bullshit

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Leary thinks it has more to do with Mother Nature. In general, women are closer to their feeling selves and look for something to help get a sense of control over their world. If you believe in astrology, what do you get from your faith? Click here for the latests in Federal Election Are the millennials in our office germophobes or are we just out-of-touch slobs? Why is Vancouver the only major city in Canada without an auditor general?

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Considering the Tarot, I have found that it is a very complicated, very intuitive ancient form of the Rorscach ink blot test. As a tool of situational interpretation it is excellent, though, as a tool of divination it is simply not very good.

With the Tarot, and I will assume the same for Astrology, to attempt to explain the inner workings, the original psychology, or even the methodology for its use would require far more then a paragraph to work out or even to teach. No more then one would think that the field of calculus could be taught in such a short working environment.

Many things in life are this way though, especially in fields that border on a pseudo science rather then clinical studies with repeatable results, which would define a science. It is an unfortunate casualty of modernity, proper study, given way to the immediacy and pamphlet knowledge common to people today.

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On Astrology, Tarot, And The Healing Power Of “Bullshit”

Thanks for the comment. I take issue with your assessment of the scientific evidence. The longitundianl study of the people failed to find any significant coreelation bewteen star sign and over traits deemed, by astrologers, to be influenced by star signs. The results were uniformly negative. That's a solid conclusion, and I see no flaws in drawing the conclusions they did based on the methodology.

Your two people who could cleary compute a proper star chart If not, such anecdotal evidence is unconvincing. As for the , they were tested in in agreed upon conditions, and failed to deomstrate a success rate beyond the level of chance. That's incredibly telling. You said this: "Considering the Tarot, I have found that it is a very complicated, very intuitive ancient form of the Rorscach ink blot test. Great observation. Coming to this a bit late but feel like I might comment anyhow.

I plan to look at the rest of this blog as the topics covered appeal to me. If they are, however, dealt with in this manner I will be forced to conclude that you are not in fact a logical or scientific person. Astrology is no more illogical then my childhood belief that trees made wind. The system, a complicated one, does not come from nowhere. It is based on an Aristotelian cosmology adopted and adapted by the Arabian intellectuals, from whom I believe we acquired astrology somewhere in the 12th century renaissance.

When the Aristotelian cosmology was replaced this was not because it was 'hockie superstitution,' but on the good scientific reason of it simply not having as efficient predictive powers when you treated the planets on a spherical orbit as an elliptical one. Astrology was a necessary cost of adopting a more efficient astronomical theory.

Astrology Bullshit Quotes (4 quotes)

Tarot on the other hand seems to be a system of symbols entirely useless due to the fact that no one is actually as familiar with them as is claimed. Symbols are lovely because they help us communicate and draw a group together. I know because my roommates and I will our house with symbols and secrets and jokes because it gives us a common identity.

The common identity in tarot is simply not there. Jess: One question. Are you saying that astral positions at the time of birth determine or effect personality? You cited Geoffrey Dean's phantom test without checking it, perhaps because you would like to believe it. Geoffrey Dean's test of 2, time twins was announced in in a short outline in another paper. However, it has yet to be published. For some mysterious reason he has been sitting on the data.

Check page of his original paper where he refers to it. There's now an increasing amount of scientific evidence supporting the practice of astrology if you are prepared to do the research. Thank you for another weapon in my anti-astrology arsenal. Unfortunately, it appears that those ignoramuses who believe in Jehovah, Christ, Alla, or astrology are not moved by reason, and merely get angry at those of us who ridicule their discredited and absurd belief systems. So I sent them your rant anyway just to provoke the gullible assholes.

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Great work! Robert Currey: "There's now an increasing amount of scientific evidence supporting the practice of astrology if you are prepared to do the research. A brilliant post and very entertaining one to read.

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My mother is an avid astrologer and actually uses software to make her "predictions" -just a thought: if astrologers can foretell the future, why do they predict and not confirm? After a clean install with Linux, I couldn't run that software, but offered to install a Linux native astrology software. Mom insisted that the results would be different. I argued that as long as the times, DOB's and other criteria are the same and the same "rules" are followed, it wouldn't affect the outcome.

Even that didn't convince her. Her charts have "come true" for many people and she gloats over her success rate. Common sense dictates that the Sun is not a "planet", there are 9 planets and not lesser and that these heavenly bodies cannot rule over us in any way.

Astrology isn’t science, but your horoscope is more real than you think

I don't believe in God or destiny and most of all it infuriates me to no end that a well educated person like my mother would allow herself to be deluded to this extent. Haha that is why you should stick to your video games, man. You obviously hate what you cannot understand.

Don't like it when someone demonstrates that your delusions are just that, Billy Boy? Need someone to assuage your newfound discomfort? First of all, there are certainly many charlatans out there. Most so-called astrologers are not properly trained. Auyervedic astrology, which is actually accurate WRT the physical positions of the heavenly bodies has some value imo. However, if you carefully study it you will see it is not meant as a predictive means.

Like most mythology, it is simply a framework that can be used to express things that are harder to approach directly. Painful memories, nagging questions, etc. The proper roll of the astrologer is to identify what the person is struggling with, and to provide counsel. But, you are right in that most astrologers are just looking to make a buck, and here in the west the accepted astrology is no longer accurate I've heard it was accurate when it was first translated, but due to procession, the positions have changed, but I don't know western astrology well enough make an accurate judgement.

I'll leave you with this: Logic is only as valuable as the assumptions it is built on. When one of those assumptions turns out to be incorrect, the whole system needs to be rethought. May life bless you, however you choose to view that. On the one hand I'd like to say "Yay!

You are quite right! Astrology as presented is universally bullshit! It's nice to know that I can piss you off just by asking you if you're a Leo. If you mean I am intolerant of bullshit masquerading as science, then yes, I am intolerant of that.

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Not really, actually, but the me who blogs and the me me, if you know what I mean, are sometimes two different entities. The blogging me is prone to hyperbole and I guess some things that would seem pompous, but this is only me blowing off steam, and I often blog when I am emotional usually pissed or dismayed. Not at all. See above. It being 'nice' to know you could intentionally piss someone off?

Who cares. You're expressing a view in an intolerant and pompous manner. It's nice that you can blow emotional steam off by writing about how awful you think astrology is. I like to blow off steam by writing about how awful I think niggers are. Do I have the same legitimacy? Hey, look at this. Quotation marks. You have no idea how much I detest this astrology shit. Everytime I get asked ''What's your sign? I especially love how no one ever knows your sign, until you tell them it well, I used to, to humour them, but now I just tell them it's nonsense, but I digress and then they either nod and say ''yup'' or get all perky and say ''I knew it.

You're so angry you feel the need to murder me. Even if you legitimately feel a fraction of the anger you express here, that still qualifies as being pissed. Who cares whether I'm an asshole. The point here is that you're an asshole. Your subject line pretty much said all that needed to be said there, Mr. Well, mr. Aside from the fact that you can't seem to make your point without the use of profanity, i. Ad hominem and a random link to a biased webiste?